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David is a qualified soft tissue therapist who holds a Diploma in Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage from the Oxford School of Sports Massage (OSSM). This is the highest qualification for sports & remedial massage in the UK and also the minimum requirement for working as a soft tissue expert with elite athletes. He is a member of both the Institute of Sports & Remedial Massage (ISRM) and the Sports Massage Association (SMA). 


David has always had a passion for sport and was part of Hereford United’s full-time squad for the 78/79 and 79/80 seasons. He also played at Gloucester City, Cheltenham Town and Forest Green. He has provided regular treatment for the dancers of an Oxford ballet company and in 2016 accompanied the Oxford University Light Weight Womans squad at their training camp in Spain. Thankfully the Oxford Blues took the spoils in that years Boat Race. He has experienced most sporting afflictions and has the knowledge and skills to assess and treat all the injuries associated with both the active sports person and the arm-chair observer.


Despite its name Sports Massage is for both sports persons and non sports persons alike.  My treatments work on improving the quality of the soft tissues within the body. The blood supply is increased, releasing tension, flushing through lactic acid and re-aligning scar tissue.  I work to redress postural imbalances built up through training and everyday activities, allowing my patients greater freedom of movement and consequently, a better quality of life.


Numerous techniques are used throughout my treatments to ensure the best results with the time available. I work deeply and instinctively, responding to the muscles and soft tissues in the body; tailoring each treatment to the patient’s physical needs or injuries. We all need to spend time on ourselves to keep body and mind in balance and working to the best of their ability. Regular massage can help both. 



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The busy working schedule, commuting, parenting and the tough balancing act that most of us manage on a day to day basis can have a very detrimental effect on our muscles and posture. The human body was not designed to sit behind a desk, on a train or behind the wheel of a car. These abnormal situations that we find ourselves in can lead to a shortening and tightening of certain muscles that ultimately result in postural imbalances. It is these imbalances that lead to the aches and pains that we ultimately feel. With a combination of deep tissue massage, remedial exercises, soft tissue release, muscle energy and neuromuscular techniques, a more balanced posture can be accomplished to provide some welcome pain relief and prevention of future occurances.


For those of you that are physically active on a regular basis, the key to you achieving your optimum performance is to remain injury free from the early stages of your training plan, right up to being ready to peak for your events. With a combination of the many techniques available, increased strength and flexibility and a significant reduction in injury incidence can be achieved. Flexibility, core strength, postural balance and adequate recovery are the vital ingredients for the successful preparation for your event.

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Client Testimonials

David has really helped me with my back, hip and leg pain. He is very knowledgeable and extremely professional. He's got a great sense of humour too, so I never feel embarassed or awkward.


Brianne 20 (Oxford)

I have suffered from back, neck and shoulder pain for many years. I am a Landscape Architect who spends a lot of time in the car and sat at a desk. Since being treated by David, I now have so much more energy as he has allieviated all my aches and pains.


Sara (Abingdon)

David has been an invaluable member of the support team for all of the girls in the rowing squad. He is extremely professional, courteous and has a great desire to help and heal where he can. He certainly is one of the reasons why we have managed to keep the girls fit and healthy and on the water this season.


Chris (Oxford)

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